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August 18th, 2011

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09:28 pm - Gotta love the fine print
So recently we signed up to use Comcast cable internet service.  To put it bluntly USI Wireless was simply too unstable.  The fact that several dozen times a day we'd loose connection to the internet for any where from a second or two up to 20 minutes.  Was simply too big a problem to deal with.  Especially since I occationally work from home.

On the plus side with Comcast our speeds have increased dramatically. With USI Wireless I was on 3Mb download connection package (that rarely got higher than 1.5Mb), on Comcast we're getting around 19Mb download.  Our upload has gone from 500Kb to around 2Mb.

So far stability also looks good.  In the week we've been using it we've had fewer disconnects than we had in any single day with USI Wireless.  Also, all the diconnects have been less than 2 seconds.  We wouldn't  have noticed them if I hadn't been running software to trake connection stability.

However, just today I found out that we have a maximum data transfer per month of 250Gb.  I'm sure this was listed some where in their agreements, but I don't ever remember seeing it.  In all reality, this would normally be more than enought.  However, it just so happens that I started the "first time" backup after upgrading to Windows 7 using BackBlaze a couple days before we switched providers.  In the last week it's uploaded 175Gb of data from my PC to my BackBlaze account, and it still has 190Gb to go.  For the entire rest of the month we only have 75Gb of transfer, and I'm not at all sure that's going to cover things.

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