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Why I bought a Wii U instead of the Xbox One - WhiteFox

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August 10th, 2014

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09:39 pm - Why I bought a Wii U instead of the Xbox One
There is no doubt that the Xbox One beats the Wii U in several critical video game areas.  Graphics, processor speed, storage, and quite a few other areas.  So why pick the Wii U.

Price:  The Wii U is $100 less, and it comes with the camera and microphone unit, which costs an additional $100 on the Xbox one.

Family Fun:  As a whole Xbox One doesn’t have a lot of games designed around having several people in the same room all interacting together.  The Wii U (like it’s predecessor) has many games designed around family interaction.

Space:  The Kinect is a space hog.  It requires a relatively large amount of space directly in front of your TV to be clear, and requires that you be able to stand about 8 to 12 feet away from it.  I don’t think my living room is event 12 feet wide.  The Wii U space requirements are minimal.

Movement Capture:  In my experience the ability of the Kinect to track movement is hit or miss.  Things like the color of cloths you are wearing, what lights are turned on, and even what time of day it is (sun coming in windows) greatly affect the Kinect’s ability to track movement.  On the other had the Wii U uses a proven and effective accelerator technology.

Franchise:  This very much depends on what games you like.  The Xbox gets games from franchises like Halo and Fable, and the Wii U getting franchises like Zelda and Super Mario.  But I’ve never thought Halo was as great as most people do (campaigns that can be completed in 6 hours are a rip-off) and Fable 2 was just lame.  On the other hand, I have been a diehard Zelda fan since I bought my 8-bit NES with my news paper route money.

Backward Compatibility:  This is the BIG one.  The Wii U is backward compatible with our Wii hardware (controllers including the balance board), and games (including downloadable content).  On the other hand the Xbox One can’t play Xbox 360 games, or uses Xbox 360 controllers.  This means that you can count on an initial investment for the Xbox One being at least an additional $200 more to get extra controllers and games.  Bringing the total initial investment for the Xbox One up to around $700, while the Wii U is still at $300.

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