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Don't worry geek boys, there are lots of geek girls out there - WhiteFox

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August 28th, 2014

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05:25 am - Don't worry geek boys, there are lots of geek girls out there
When I was in my early teens I was a complete nerd.  Almost all my time was spent in front of a computer or video game console.  One aspect of that was that I was taunted and ridiculed by my peers since I didn’t fit in.  The classmates that didn’t actively ridicule me ignored me.  As a result I despaired of ever getting into a relationship with a girl I was attracted too.  I couldn’t even get the time of day from the attractive and popular girls in my class.  In the end that turned out not to be a problem.  But when I was 14 I had no idea that it would ever change.

Not too long ago my own teen-age son expressed similar concerns.  He’s in advanced placement in school, he’s highly intelligent, is into video-games, comic books, roll-playing games, and trading-card-games.  In other words he’s also a nerd.  While talking one day he mentioned that he didn’t think sexy girls would be interested in someone like him.

I was able to help him and I think sharing this could help other boys out there since I’m pretty sure there are a lot of teen boys that have felt the same way my son and I felt.

What I shared with him can be summed up in one word:  Cosplay

If you think sexy girls aren’t into geeky or nerdy things than take a look at these cosplayers.  Keep in mind that all of these young women think enough of these characters to hand make these costumes and go to science fiction and gaming conventions wearing them.

Take a look at this young woman doing a cosplay of Vanille from the video game Final Fantasy XIII:

Your into comic books, how about Harley Quinn from the Batman series:

How can a trading-card-game be sexy?  How about this cosplay of Liliana Vess from the game Magic the Gathering.


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